Word Formation Process of Slang Word Used by Gamers In The Game Online “Mobile Legend”


  • Vera Magria Muara Bungo University
  • Asridayani Asridayani Muara Bungo University
  • Rosa Winda Sari Muara Bungo University




Word Formation Process, Slang Word, Game Online


This research analyzes about word formation process of slang word used by gamers in the game online “Mobile Legend”. The purposes of this research are to classify and to analyze the types of word formation processes of slang words used by gamers  using theory word formation process by  Yule (2010) and  Katamba (2005) and to describe the meaning of slang words used by gamers. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The data is formed of slang word in chat feature by gamers. In collecting the data, the researcher used  participant observational method (SLC). Then, the analysis in this research, the researcher used agih method (distributional method) and used Segmenting Immediate Constituents Techniques (Teknik Bagi Unsur langsung/BUL) as the basic technique and delition technique (teknik lesap) as an advanced technique.

The results of this research are stated as follows. Firstly, six types of word formation process  in slang word used by gamers; abbreviation, acronym, borrowing, compounding, multiple process, and clipping. Then, the researcher found twelve slang words that utterances by gamer. While for word formation process, the type that dominant is compounding. In the meaning of slang word, the researcher only finds two from seven types of meaning by Leech (1981), they are: firstly social meaning and secondly connotative meaning.


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Author Biographies

Vera Magria, Muara Bungo University

English Literature Program Faculty of Language

Asridayani Asridayani, Muara Bungo University

English Literature Program Faculty of Language

Rosa Winda Sari, Muara Bungo University

English Literature Program Faculty of Language


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