No fees incurred for article processing, submission, neither reviewing the articles.

Under the afforementioned conditions, we are waiving in full for authors from developing countries should they need to submit papers to JIPS.

Authors or other parties need online only of the journal Publication, an IDR 600,000 should be paid for the online post.

When do I have to pay and how do I pay?

If the manuscript has been accepted for publication, journalpendidikanscholastic@gmail.com will contact the corresponding author to transfer the required amount.

Fast Track Journal Consideration

Our goal is to provide the research community with quick and immediate access to recently completed research works in various research areas that are rapidly developing with great potential impact.  Fast track journals are crucial for research articles that are exceptionally important and require urgent dissemination, or where there is a funding policy reason for urgent publication. Fast track is considered the best way to disseminate an outstanding article that reports important and timely developments.

Fast track publication service is provided to shorten the time to decision and publication. The entire peer review can be done within 4 weeks and the article shall be published within 2 days post-acceptance as Article in Press. If you wish to use fast track publication service, please submit your manuscript and write to the editor with manuscript ID at mhdikhsan62@gmail.com

The charge has to be paid with the submission of the article. Please mention in the Editor's Box (during Submission) that you would like to use this route in order to receive the invoice.

Fast Track Review: USD 100 (Upon Requested)

Benefits of Fast Track Submission:

The Fast Track Submission option offers authors several compelling benefits, making it an attractive choice for those looking to expedite the publication process:

1- Accelerated Review Process: The primary advantage is the expedited review of submitted manuscripts. Authors opting for the Fast Track Submission can significantly reduce the time it takes for their work to undergo peer review, editorial evaluation, and subsequent publication.

2- Timely Publication: Fast Track ensures a quicker path from submission to publication, allowing authors to disseminate their research findings promptly. This is particularly advantageous for those who need to align their publication with upcoming conferences, funding cycles, or other time-sensitive events.

3- Priority Handling: Manuscripts submitted through the Fast Track option receive priority handling from both editors and reviewers. This increased attention can contribute to a more efficient and focused review process.

4- Flexibility for Authors: Fast Track Submission offers flexibility for authors who may have specific deadlines or time constraints. It enables them to manage the publication timeline according to their individual needs and external commitments.

5- Enhanced Visibility: Faster publication can lead to quicker visibility for the author's work within the academic community. This can be beneficial for early career researchers, those seeking to establish their presence in a field, or individuals aiming to share groundbreaking findings.

6- Meeting Grant Requirements: For authors with grant-related publication deadlines, the Fast Track Submission option ensures compliance with grant requirements, enhancing their ability to secure funding and fulfill grant obligations.

Please note that the Fast Track option does not guarantee acceptance but ensures a quicker review process.

Please send us an email stating your interest in printed copies and receive further details.